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Watercolor Speedpaint Illustration

I did not manage to get a lot of painting done while in Barcelona, so now I am catching up at home using photo references. I wanted to start by drawing a cathedral or Arc de Triomf, or the Museum of Art, or some other fancy building, but even though these are impressive what I find stuck in my mind are the narrow streets of the old town, the tiny balconies almost hidden in hanging curtains of greenery, the water fountains, the palms, the other plants I’ve never seen, the blue water of the Mediterranean, the rocks of Montserrat  …  So these were the things I mostly wanted to draw.

That’s why I started with a quick watercolor painting of a small balcony and a window covered in lush foliage. I started by throwing some paint on the paper, then I gave it time to dry and drew all the details in pen on top of it. After that I added more color and defined the plants a little more. It was a fun quick and loose illustration for my watercolor journal and I recorded the process for a timelapse video, which you can see here:


My trip to Barcelona

I can’t believe I came back from vacation already 2 weeks ago! Part of me still refuses to return to cold and gloomy Copenhagen after sunny lovely Barcelona! Great adventures were had and memories were made. I’m even having thoughts about moving over there sooner or later. Probably no other city has resonate with me so strong ever before…

I planned to do a lot of drawing while there, but I didn’t manage to squeeze much of that in between other adventures, so I’ll have to draw it from pictures (and memory).

A new exciting quest I’ve set on is learning to edit videos, but for that to work I need some footage to edit. I do not have a proper camera, which can take videos, but I do have my phone and I believe it’s a good point to start. So I decided to use my Barcelona trip as a video material source. While there I took a lot of short clips to later put together in a video. Many of those clips are quite unusable due to quality problems (like, how about wiping that lens once in a while ?!), but there were still enough to choose from. There is a lot to learn and there were many mistakes I made while creating my first video, many of them I decided to leave as this video edit took me long enough already, but there’s also plenty I learned and I’m left wanting more! Now instead of me going on and on about how amazing Barcelona is and how you need to head over there right now, you can just watch my modest video and hopefully get some of that vibe through it <3

I hope you will enjoy it and feel fee to let me know what you think!


My travel drawing kit

Since I’m soon leaving for a vacation to Barcelona, so I thought I’d quickly share my travel drawing kit with you. It is quite small, but absolutely enough for sketching on the go!


1. A tiny watercolor set that I made myself, using a tin box of mints and pans of my current favorite colors to paint with. They are all mixed up, collected from here and there and I have no clue which brands they are, but certainly nothing too fancy, the quality is not too bad though. The colors I’ve selected are: turquoise blue, ultramarine blue, cobalt blue, red light, carmine, raw siena, burnt siena, lemon yellow and orange yellow.

2. A small makeup bag with a pattern of colorful water drops on it, quite fitting for a watercolor drawing kit, I thought!

3. Moleskine Art Plus Watercolor album

4. Thin long fine spray bottle filled with water

5. Large water brush

6. Small water brush

7. Pigma Micron 05 ink pen | I might add one thinner to the mix just in case!

8. Schneider Maxx permanent marker | Not sure I actually need it.

9. White jell pen

10. Eraser pen like thingie

11. Faber Castell 2B pencil

12. Derwent watercolor pencil Cobalt blue 31

13. Derwent watercolor pencil May Green 48

14. Derwent watercolor pencil Sepia 53

15. Random orange watercolor pencil | I like drawing an initial sketch in watercolor pencil, so no pencil marks are visible in the final piece. I usually use colors close to the colors of the object, so they blend nicely, but to be honest my green and orange pencils are a bit random and not so useful. I carry them around anyway, most of the time they actually serve to hold my hair up in a bun 🙂

16. Sharpener

17. Bunch of clips

18. Tissue paper pack

Aaaand onwards to adventure!


What is in your drawing travel kit?