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Origins of the Cyrillic alphabet | Infographics

The 24th of May is a national holiday in Bulgaria. It is the day of St. Cyril and St Methodius, who created the Glagolitic alphabet back in the 9th century. On the basis of that alphabet the Cyrillic emerged, which is one of the most widespread alphabets in the world today. Bulgarians have a special soft spot for this “weird” alphabet as it was created and popularized on the territory of medieval Bulgaria under tsar Simeon the Great. Needless to say we still use it and (at least some of us) get a kick out of watching foreigners struggle with it!

As I am living abroad, I’d be often asked why we use the “Russian letters” and I’d get slightly annoyed. I’m not at all “national- minded” and have none of that “we-are-the-most-amazing-nation-in-the-world-and-we’ve-invented-everything-that-matters” mindset, which I very much dislike, but it still bothers me when people call the Cyrillic the “Russian alphabet”. I’d correct them, but usually people just take it as sort of national vanity. I don’t want to minimize the role Russia played in preserving and modernizing the Cyrillic while we were… otherwise historically occupied (this line turned out kind of pun-y), but I’m quite tired for Bulgaria to be seen as an extension of Russia.

So for a very long time I wanted to make an infographics, which explains the origins of the Cyrillic, but kept postponing, forgetting and generally speaking not doing it. I remembered again few days ago and decided it is just the right time to do it. I had to cut off a lot of the ideas I had initially and to simplify quite a lot in order to make it in time for the 24th of May, but I am happy I made it happen! I might revisit it in the future, but for now here it is: a very brief history of the Cyrillic alphabet!


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Making games at Nordic Game Jam 2016

There has been a way too long pause on my blog, which I must apologize for. Overall business and first time experience with hosting change do not make for a good combination, but it is finally finished! In the meantime I have attended my second ever game jam, a much bigger one this time- Nordic Game Jam.

In the last half a year (or longer) I have been developing an interest in games and game development and have been more and more excited about creating graphics for a game. I did an internship at Knapnok games, created the logo and identity for Copenhagen Games Festival and helped with some of the visuals for Nordic Game Jam (NGJ) and had the pleasure to hang out with whole lot of game developers! It’s been a great experience that will hopefully continue… But what I wanted to concentrate on in this post was my NGJ experience and especially the game I helped create there together with some nice people.

The game

The theme of the game jam was “LEAK”. After some brainstorming and lots of cool, but less doable in 48 hours ideas we went for a space scenario where your spaceship’s engine is out of order and the only way to get back to earth is destroying your ship even further. You have to punch holes in it and leak air out to push it towards Earth. You have to make it to Earth in a tight timeframe before you’re out of oxygen.

The visuals

Since my illustration style has that cute and cuddly vibe to it we decided to go with it. We envisioned a cute teddy-bear like character piloting the wrecked space ship. We wanted to give the player a look into the pilot cabin where you can see that adorable teddy- bear bleed and suffer the air loss “Happy Tree Friends” style, but as the time was very limited we had to give up on that idea for the time being. We kept the idea in the spaceship design, which if you look at it more carefully is in fact a teddy- bear head shaped. The rest- space, planets and other stuff that floats around was kept clean and flat in sweet candy colors, so it fits with the overall theme.

There were nearly 200 games made that weekend and we didn’t make it to the finals, but it was nevertheless a great experience and I’d be looking forward to my next game jam/ game making!

The Team



Anja Nielsen

Game Design

Sebastian Bulas


Casper Riiboe

Jens Schmidt

Martin Edvardsen


Radostina Kazakova


Martin Barreby



Warning: There might be some offensive language; we blame it on sleep deprivation and not being native English speakers  🙂

Space Jam 2 for Blog-04