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My trip to Barcelona

I can’t believe I came back from vacation already 2 weeks ago! Part of me still refuses to return to cold and gloomy Copenhagen after sunny lovely Barcelona! Great adventures were had and memories were made. I’m even having thoughts about moving over there sooner or later. Probably no other city has resonate with me so strong ever before…

I planned to do a lot of drawing while there, but I didn’t manage to squeeze much of that in between other adventures, so I’ll have to draw it from pictures (and memory).

A new exciting quest I’ve set on is learning to edit videos, but for that to work I need some footage to edit. I do not have a proper camera, which can take videos, but I do have my phone and I believe it’s a good point to start. So I decided to use my Barcelona trip as a video material source. While there I took a lot of short clips to later put together in a video. Many of those clips are quite unusable due to quality problems (like, how about wiping that lens once in a while ?!), but there were still enough to choose from. There is a lot to learn and there were many mistakes I made while creating my first video, many of them I decided to leave as this video edit took me long enough already, but there’s also plenty I learned and I’m left wanting more! Now instead of me going on and on about how amazing Barcelona is and how you need to head over there right now, you can just watch my modest video and hopefully get some of that vibe through it <3

I hope you will enjoy it and feel fee to let me know what you think!