I am Radostina, a Graphic Designer & Illustrator, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.



Never judge a book by its cover, except… let’s face it – we all do, so those covers better be amazing! Luckily that’s what I do!

I’m not really talking about book covers…


Illustration is all the rage right now! You might think its best reserved for children’s books, but your clients don’t have time to read a wall of text, they just want to look at fun pictures that tell stories.


Art isn’t just for the galleries, museums and snobs. Art is for your walls, for your clothes, it’s here to enrich every side of your life.

Even caveman knew that…



“Always spot on in communicating our brand message. If you ever need a detailed-oriented and thorough designer I would suggest Radostina.”

Kasper Munk-Petersen | Kickstart Aalborg


“Radostina is hard-working and extremely focused on improving her skillset, always looking for new ways to learn and become better, and I am sure she will do an excellent job with any client.”

Anchel Labena | Knapnok Games

“Radostina understood the target group, the vision for the Festival and delivered a beautiful Copenhagen rooftop visual that immediately got attention.”

Sofie Filt Læntver | Interactive Denmark

“First and foremost she is a talented designer, but what makes her stand out from the crowd is her curious nature, always asking questions and seeking new knowledge and techniques to develop her skillset.”

Adam Thurland | Thread Design

“Radostina is very creative, and works fast and efficiently when the deadlines are tight. She takes her business seriously, and delivers consistently great looking results.”

Jakob Dam Knudsen | Calvex